Semi-Permanent Makeup in NY

Semi-Permanent Makeup in NY

CasaGlow offers a semi-permanent makeup treatment that utilizes a tattoo technique to enhance the appearance of your eyes and lips. This technique involves using fine point needles and specially formulated cosmetic ink for the skin, resulting in a natural-looking and long-lasting makeup application. Take the chance to experience this innovative treatment at CasaGlow. Book an appointment online today! 

  • Natural looking definition
  • Immediately enhances lip and eye structure
  • Reduces morning makeup routine
  • Brightens the color and tone of lips and eyes

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Choose From:

Lip Blush

Customized to your natural lip shade, cosmetic pigment is delivered directly into your lips for a plump and sexy pout. This treatment helps neutralize lip color, add a slight tint to define and create fullness.


Semi Permanent Eyeliner enhances the structure of your eyelids without the daily use of makeup. Your eyes will pop, look refreshed and awake while improving the appearance of light-colored or missing lashes.


With Semi Permanent Eyeliner, you can enhance the structure of your eyelids without the need for daily makeup application. This treatment will make your eyes appear refreshed and awake while improving the look of light-colored or sparse lashes.


Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that can be used to create individual, realistic hair strokes to the brows. By creating the illusion of hair strokes, you can achieve a very natural finish.

Ombre Powder

Ombre powder brows are a permanent make-up treatment that uses a handheld tool that inserts tiny dots of pigment into the skin. It creates a shaded effect, rather than the crisp hair strokes like microblading. The result is a more defined, fuller brow.

The Science:

Semi-permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, involves depositing small amounts of pigment into the skin’s upper layers. This procedure is often used to enhance facial features, such as eyebrows, eyelids, lips, and even the areola for breast reconstruction. The science behind semi-permanent makeup is as follows:

  • 1. Pigment Selection: The pigments used in semi-permanent makeup are specially formulated for this purpose. These pigments are different from traditional tattoo inks, which penetrate deeper into the skin. Semi-permanent makeup pigments are designed to gradually fade over time, typically within one to three years, allowing clients to make adjustments as needed.
  • 2. Skin Structure: The procedure involves depositing pigment into the epidermal (outermost) and upper dermal (middle) layers of the skin. Unlike traditional tattoos that reach the deeper dermal layer, semi-permanent makeup doesn’t go as deep. This placement ensures that the color fades more quickly, allowing for adjustments or changes to the makeup as the client’s preferences evolve.
  • 3. Dermal-epidermal Junction: The junction between the epidermis and the dermis, known as the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ), is the target for pigment implantation. Pigments are deposited at this interface to create the desired makeup effect. The DEJ is located within the uppermost layers of the skin, allowing for semi-permanent results.
  • 4. Microblading and Microneedling Techniques: Microblading, commonly used for eyebrow enhancement, involves creating fine, hair-like strokes by manually implanting pigment into the skin using a handheld tool with tiny, fine needles. Microneedling techniques involve the use of a machine that rapidly punctures the skin to deposit pigment. These techniques are more precise than traditional tattooing methods, which go deeper into the skin.
  • 5. Color Customization: Semi-permanent makeup artists work with clients to choose the appropriate pigment color, ensuring that it complements their skin tone and desired makeup look. Pigments may be adjusted during follow-up appointments as the initial color fades.
  • 6. Healing and Fading: After the procedure, clients may experience some initial redness, swelling, and scabbing, which is part of the healing process. Over the following weeks, the implanted pigment will begin to fade, resulting in the desired semi-permanent effect. Multiple sessions may be needed for optimal results, and periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the look.
  • 7. Aftercare and Sun Protection: Following proper aftercare instructions is essential for the success of semi-permanent makeup. Clients are often advised to avoid prolonged sun exposure and to use sunblock to prevent pigment fading. Other post-procedure care includes keeping the treated area clean and avoiding harsh skincare products.
  • 8. Re-touching and Adjustments: Semi-permanent makeup can be easily adjusted or modified as clients’ preferences change. Re-touching sessions may be scheduled as needed to maintain the makeup’s appearance.

Semi-permanent makeup offers the advantage of providing long-lasting enhancements while allowing flexibility for adjustments or changes over time.

The Benefits:

Semi-permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, offers several benefits:

 One of the most significant advantages of semi-permanent makeup is the time it saves. You can wake up with makeup already in place, saving you the daily routine of applying and removing makeup. This can be particularly beneficial for busy individuals or those with limited dexterity.

Semi-permanent makeup can enhance your facial features. It’s commonly used to define and shape eyebrows, add eyeliner, or create fuller-looking lips. These enhancements can make your features more attractive and symmetrical.

While it’s not permanent like traditional tattoos, semi-permanent makeup lasts longer than traditional makeup. Depending on factors such as the technique used, pigment colors, and individual skin characteristics, it can last anywhere from one to three years. This means you don’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups.

Semi-permanent makeup is waterproof and smudge-proof. You can swim, exercise, or engage in daily activities without worrying about makeup running or fading.

You won’t need to go through the process of removing makeup every night. This not only saves time but can also be beneficial for your skin as it reduces exposure to makeup removers and cleansers.

While the initial cost of semi-permanent makeup can be higher than traditional cosmetics, the long-lasting effects mean you’ll save money on makeup products over time. You’ll need fewer cosmetics, and the maintenance costs for touch-ups are usually lower than purchasing makeup regularly.

Many individuals find that semi-permanent makeup boosts their confidence, as they always look put-together and ready. It’s particularly beneficial for those with conditions that cause hair loss or for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty.

If you have allergies or sensitivities to traditional makeup products, semi-permanent makeup can be a suitable alternative, as it minimizes direct skin contact with various cosmetic ingredients.

Semi-permanent makeup is highly customizable. You can choose the right pigment color and application technique to achieve your desired look.

While semi-permanent makeup is long-lasting, it’s not permanent. As your preferences or facial features change over time, you have the flexibility to modify or update your semi-permanent makeup.

 It can be used to camouflage medical conditions or irregularities. For example, areola micropigmentation can help breast cancer survivors regain a natural look after surgery.

Many classic makeup styles, like a subtle eyeliner or well-shaped brows, never go out of style. Semi-permanent makeup can provide a timeless look that doesn’t need to change with the latest makeup trends.


Semi-permanent makeup, or what many call micro-pigmentation, is the process of strategically and carefully embedding cosmetic ink into the epidermal layer of your skin. Utilizing a specialized cosmetic tattoo machine, we can effectively enhance your lip color and the lids around your eyes.

Before your treatment, we may use a topical number agent to avoid discomfort. Cosmetic ink is then injected into the epidermal layer of your skin with very fine needles. Our specialized tattoo machine effectively treats the lids around your eyes and lips. The pigment of the cosmetic ink may look very dark after your service, but this is normal. The color will gradually fade and soften over the next few days, leaving a subtle, effortless, and long-lasting “makeup” application.

Depending on the treated area, your results can last anywhere from 2-5 years or longer. Touch-ups may be needed during that time, but that is totally at your discretion. A follow-up appointment is required to assess your results.

No, it does not! Semi-permanent makeup is an FDA-approved service that uses only safe, hypoallergenic ink. Depending on your daily activities, there is minimal downtime or none. You may experience scabbing and itching during the healing process. Following aftercare instructions will ensure you see optimal results and reduce any possible side effects.

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